About Ray

Ray and Camera 5I have been a serious photographer since the late 1970s.  Before that I only saw the medium as a way to record events, much as many do all the time.  I saw the work of a friend who showed me it could be more than that.  It could be expressive.

I started first in colour transparency but then discovered monochrome and eventually that became my medium.  Photography is a graphic medium similar to other print mediums such as etching and lithographs and that is my vision to see the world in that way.  I enjoyed working in colour but decided to concentrate on only monochrome to try to master it.

The print mediums I use are first, silver gelatin and occasionally platinum/palladium.  I would say that silver gelatin is my primary medium as it suits my modernist vision.  Platinum is a softer palette and only suits certain subject matter.

As mentioned previously, I am a modernist which makes me somewhat of an anachronism , as modern is now old hat. I worked on a number of subjects and themes but generally through the same lens of modernism and abstraction.  I am very concerned to the quality of the print and its representation of tones, and yes, its beauty,  a word that has fallen out of favour.  It does not mean that I do not have something to say,  but I prefer to say clearly,  concisely, and  beautifully.